Parenting- The tough part no one talks about!

Parenting no doubt is a bliss and there is no other feeling like holding your bundle of joy in your arms who stares back at you with a mutual amazement and love. Those moist eyes, red cheeks, soft lips- you fall in love with that small creature almost instantly… Its hard to not get bowled over by their cute expressions, soft squeaks and killer smiles!! The experience changes us overnight and we become surprised by the extreme depth of love and emotions we never knew existed somewhere in our hearts!!

cute baby

But little do we all talk about the challenges which come with being a parent and it has to do a lot with how our society has groomed us over the years. If we crib about the lack of ‘me time’ and privacy post kid, its not always taken in a positive light and somewhere we are tagged as insensitive for saying that. In our generation there are still ways to socially connect with fellow moms over fb or whatsapp groups and share our bittersweet experiences without being judged so much but in a generation before us I doubt if there was any forum to talk on our not so happy days.

frustated parent

Parenting brings with it a strong sense of responsibility towards a tiny dependent creature whose existence depends totally on us. Its an overwhelming feeling and sometimes we feel we aren’t doing good enough. We judge ourselves against other parents and feel guilty of allowing us even few minutes of being selfish and alone. We feel bad if we have to leave the little one behind to go for a parlor, a romantic walk with spouse or even a long shower. But little do we remember that all the above or any other de-stressing stuff is so important to keep us sane. After all only a happy mother brings up a happy family!

frustrated parent 2

Parenting also makes us very very protective. Besides we get so caught up in catering to the needs of little one that sometimes we terribly miss the old carefree days. In such moments we need nothing more than a friend to share the feelings without being judged. Just a small session of venting out our feelings on not so happy days may make us feel better again and ready to go and resume all the responsibilities with same vigor. But its absolutely important to vent out frustration instead of bottling it up.


So ladies go ahead and share whatever you feel with a person you love- your spouse, your mom, a close friend or anyone who can hear you out without being judged.. you will feel better . Don’t blame yourselves or feel guilty for not being happy with a mom role 24*7… You are not only one out there feeling that way! Keep yourself guilt free for few moments of self indulgence and most important- spend some quality time with your spouse!! We all love our babies to the core and spending few alone moments doesn’t make us a bad mom 🙂


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