Importance of Playing in Child’s Development!


Einstein said ‘Play is the highest form of research!’

And we totally agree with this. Playing is child’s way of exploring world around him and toys are the key to that world of fantasy, creativity & learning. Variety of toys help to challenge child’s intellect and boost his learning. Toys are important to foster cognitive skills, gross motor and fine motor movement , develop social and emotional skills and improve language and speech development. It’s very important to choose the right toys which trigger the child’s development in right direction.

“Play is not only our creative drive; it’s a fundamental mode of learning.” ~ David Elkind (psychologist, author)

Through age appropriate and skill appropriate toys & active engagement we can boost a child’s overall development. Its said that human brain develops by 80% by the age of 3 and play is very important for healthy development of the brain. Not only this, research shows playful children are happier, better adjusted, more co-operative and popular with their peers than those who play less.

Mom child bonding while playing!

Children with access to a wide range of well-selected toys are more likely to be challenged and stimulated. Studies show that they reach higher levels of intellectual development as well. It’s thus very important for parents to engage in meaningful play with kids when appropriate.

Apart from variety it’s very important to choose right toys which cater to the right skill set based on child’s age. Giving them toys superior to their skill set leads to disinterest and frustration in kids. While playing with toys for which kids have outgrown the skill level may lead to no enjoyment and boredom. Hence one should select right toys to cater to the right skill level based on child’s age and interest area. Also, a kid generally outgrows a skill set very fast in his/her developing years. Hence providing the right variety of new and challenging toys when they outgrow existing toys is very important.

So gift your kids a wonderful colourful world full of toys, fun and excitement and see them grow into a fine intellectual human being. Happy playing!